Monday, 28 September 2015

G0ROZ-3 off air again

Once again G0ROZ-3 vanished from the map. It just happened to stop working on the same day of the week and time that it stopped last week. (Spooky!!)
I took a trip up to site today and found the computer locked up yet again. I have put another UPS in line to see if that will make any difference (fingers crossed)!

Monday, 21 September 2015

G0ROZ-3 locked up again.

G0ROZ-3 vanished from the map again!
A trip up the hill was made today and, once again, the computer was found to be locked up. The power supply to the computer had to be turned off and back on again before the computer would re-boot.
There is a UPS and two spike protector units in line, so perhaps it is not the electricity causing the problem after all.
I will have to find another computer and set it up to run G0ROZ-3 to see if it is the computer itself that is causing the problem.

Friday, 11 September 2015

Another trip up Eggardon Hill today to re-boot the G0ROZ-3 computer. A 70 Mile round trip just to do a re-boot! I have to solve this problem soon.

Thursday, 3 September 2015

G0ROZ-3 has been behaving itself since early June, but yesterday it stopped transmitting. I visited site today and found the computer had locked itself up again. A re-boot (or a good kicking, as it like to call it) sorted the computer out and G0ROZ-3 is back on the air again.
It was a nice day for a drive and I resisted the temptation to stop at the fast food outlet starting with M at Monkey's Jump. :)