Friday, 2 January 2015

M1ABD off air again.

I woke up this morning to an almost empty APRS map. It was not as empty as last time as G0ROZ-3 was Digipeating stations.
A check with showed that the last beacon from M1ABD was at 0250 Hours.
So another trip up the hill was called for. At least it was a nice day with plenty of sunshine and no frost on the road.
The computer running M1ABD was locked up again. The only way I could get it to re-boot was by turning it off at the wall socket and then back on again.
I am at a loss to say why this is happening, although the problems did start after the UPS packed up.
I have fed everything through the UPS and spike eliminator that is still there.
I think that I will have to start using the electricity that comes from the main supply and is run by the generator when there is a power outage. I remember that that power supply had a large number of batteries to keep it going until it is switched over to the generator.
As the essential supply is not being used in our part of the site, it will not cause any problems. It will mean hard-wiring a new cable into the supply, but it will be quite easy to do.
I will need to visit the local DIY emporium to get the necessary kit before I do it.

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